Oh, this bitter blackness that comes around, so cold and grim. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, always caught up in a long last dream. Dream of colour, dream of comfort and trust, dream of another world, another time and space. Oh, this bitterness, so grim, so old and dim, the longing for this other world, for hope and ease, in goodness and in health, in sorrow and darkness, in loneliness and longing. The longing for a world with colour and empathy, a world of trust, of friendship and believes. Still, this blackness of our world, the emptiness and disbelief, so aching and distrustful. This burning ache, in a world on an edge, an edge of blackness covering our hearts and our dreams, dimming our hope and peace. Yet, time is continuous, darkness can be defeated, by light, by enlightenment and love. Let’s embrace and take stand against the darkness. Let’s make a new year dawn, a year of hope and joy. Let us enter a year of life, a year of colour!